Three Major Development Direction Of Children's Play Equipment

- Mar 17, 2017 -

A, high-tech, increasingly used in playground equipment, such as VR, 3-dimensional imaging and projection technology, laser technology, network technology, and so on.

Golf simulation, simulation football rides using computer-based imaging technology called VR technology, display technology and sensor technology, visitors into the screen, with computer links the screen according to the ball placement and angle of incidence calculation and describe the movement of the ball on the screen orientation and movement routes and landing, accompanied by realistic thuds, and calculate the score. Facilities covering an area of small, but fidelity is very high. Andumbrella visitors for simulated skydiving is hanging in the air, displayed on the helmet you'll see yourself from high up in the rush to the situation on the ground, through the control cord, parachute, you can adjust the direction of landing, like a person parachuting from the sky.

Two dynamic, interactive simulation system becomes the new hot spots, increase visitors participation.

Disney paradise set has a Taiwan simulation movies, designers carefully match has corresponding of control technology and various function facilities, full mobilization visitors of depending on, and listening to, and olfactory, various feel, stage actor and screen in the of actor thaw for one, actor sometimes from stage heavy into screen, sometimes and from screen washed up on the stage; and Hollywood global television town a simulation space of dynamic amusement equipment, is is let visitors sat in special of space car in, car by hydraulic device launch, Then the sphericalprojection on the screen in front 3-d space simulation, space vehicles along with the simulation image changes the action and, with the virtual audio, provide visitorswith immersive feeling.

Three, mechanical amusement equipment to high altitude, high speed, in the direction of more stimulus.

Scooter abroad equipment is not limited to fixed seating compartments, but to stand, activity compartments and hanging Chair, hanging cockpit-style direction, whilefaster, higher height, a single up to up to 8 rings the number of rings, more excitement. In addition, the rapid development of various forms of bungee jumping equipment. As American Los Angeles six flag Park of "air Trapeze" (Drive Devil) bungee jumping equipment, similar a high frame swing, swing rope installed in towering of arched bracket Shang, will visitors to prone posture fixed in swing of bezel Shang, with upgrade device will swing Board upgrade to 50 or 60 meters of height, then suddenly release, let visitors from high in the dive and Xia, in air rapid wandering, like "air Trapeze"; another name for "straight into the roller (Super man)" of project more breathtaking, Its structure is a "l" track, visitors sit in specially designed cars,at track level acceleration, roared up towering vertical track, before it reaches the top soul track, speed is reduced to zero, the car along the track under vertical sliding back to square one, far more thrilling, exciting roller coaster goes beyond.

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