Playground Equipment Safety Measures

- Mar 17, 2017 -

Rides run took part in the air, the whole structure should be solid and reliable, its important part to take out an insurance policy.

Hanging by one part of the steel wire rope or chain the number shall not be less than two.

Connection with the seating section, must be taken into account when a disconnect to maintain balance.

From the ground above 1M closed cockpit door, must be set by man can not open two internal locking device or a locking device with insurance. Blocking of the import and export of non-enclosed cockpit, the locking device should also have insurance.

When rides are in operation, the power supply all of a sudden power failure or equipment failure, threatening human security, be fitted with an automatic or manualemergency stop device.

Rides after a failure in the running, there should be measures to divert people.

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