Playground Equipment-related Maintenance

- Mar 17, 2017 -

A: plastic and glass fiber, soapy water, disinfecting detergent, bleach, diluted aftersoaking, scrub with a soft cloth or a soft brush, then rinse with clean water, wipe dry with a clean cloth or dried. Finally, 84 disinfectant spray disinfection.

II: soft sponge parts use a soft cloth with SOAP and water cleaning, disinfection orplaced in the Sun.

Three: wet-resistant, heat-resistant, colorfast wooden parts used SOAP bubbles washed, dried, and then with 84 disinfectant spray disinfection.

IV: metal parts rust if asked to, brush available to rust, wipe clean with a dry cloth;in the Sun can get some colorless three and paint spraying distance of 20 centimeters, side sweep up spray over dry, then spray again, play a protective role. Paint dry and then washed, dried and disinfected.

Friday: circuit electrical parts for cleaning, first make sure that power banned watering, clean with a damp cloth, dry and plugged in again.

VI: all the play equipment, open slide, the drill tube parts are not after the rain water, if any, should make a 4 mm ø hole at the lowest drainage.

Seven: if it is an indoor activity rooms, floors, walls, and daily ultraviolet disinfection, indoor ventilation. Using hydrogen peroxide spray disinfection once a week.

VIII: of course, sterilized at the same time be sure to frequently check the connections are firm, metal parts come on active connections, circuits, electrical and General components are not damaged

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