Children's Entertainment On A Child's Development Will Greatly Benefit

- Mar 17, 2017 -

First, children's entertainment environments are mostly made of bright colors instead of bright colors, good to help the child's visual development. Bright colors forchildren 6 months-3 years is more suitable.

Second, different materials, different shapes of toys, very good to help the children's visual development. Touch not only on the hands, in fact, tactile receptors on the skin. Like Mao Maoxiong and ball is a completely different feel with soft spines,marine ball pool of it are not the same.

Third, the proprioception of the amusement park for children to promote children's development is also very important. Through a number of difficult challenges,more freely for their own limbs, movement coordination and flexibility with the role of proprioception is inseparable.

Finally, good child training of the vestibular system. Vestibular training is a very important element of the balance. Spinning, shaking, speed of movement requires involvement of the vestibular system. Therefore, swings, slides, carousels, Pirate ships, the training of the vestibular system is very good.

Finally, balance training, in addition to the vestibular system for balance training, and balance training, such as bridge, balance, tactile, trampoline and other.

VI to promote intellectual development training. The building blocks of different shapes and colors for children helped me explore the characteristics of objects.

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