Playground safety is important

- Mar 17, 2017 -

Playground is a paradise for children, but so many naughty children get together,not immune from some unexpected, then: in what way will be able to avoid these accidents?

Children are of nature on compared naughty, every holiday, on will has many children noisy with let parents with they to playground play, dang these naughty of children are are gathered in with of when, on inevitably will appeared some bumps, if is some small of friction, is can through both coordination to resolve contradictions, but Dang encountered some not explained of customer Shi, light is received up scolded, heavy is bankruptcy elimination disaster, so in business playground Shi, do prevention measures is important.

As an only child growing squeamish many children now than ever, when these children playing in the playground when it is difficult to share with others. If two children to look at something, but because of the lack of comity and the spirit of sharing, we are fighting for the same piece of play equipment, the possibility arising contradictions, if the conflict cannot be resolved, we will upgrade, even both parents are involved in conflicts in the past. Also has a situation than both produced contradictions to more serious, that is children are in play of process in the appeared has accident accident, like some children in play Shi because not comply with order and was hit injury or because not carefully and from jumped bed Shang fell down led to fracture,, although we are not hope appeared such of accident, but as playground of operators, we must to do prevention.

To guard against the most direct way is to increase the number of staff of playground, and childcare arrangements for specialized personnel, such as each play areawithin one to two staff members, in addition to normal maintenance of playgroundorder, and problems can be identified and addressed in a timely manner. For thesmaller children, we couldn't arrange a spotter for each baby, when parents bringtheir children to a playground while playing, we want to be informed of the obligation to inform parents about their children's care, so as to avoid accidents.

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