History of the climbing wall

- Mar 17, 2017 -

Rock climbing is derived from climbing out of modern sports.

Originated in the European Alps mountaineering, climbing occurred until in the 1950 of the 20th century. Climbing technology has, so far, nearly 140 year history.

About rock climbing also had a beautiful legend: in the European Alps on a cliff top, grows a rare Alpine roses. Legend has it that as long as this rose, would get their happy love.

So, brave boys scramble to climbing, removal of flowers to the beloved person.

Thanks to the industrial revolution of the intestine, and industrialists, engineers, bankers, for the formation of new social classes, these were wealthy, leisured, beganclimbing as a recreational activity, "first landing" (a mountain was first ascent by mankind that the first person to climb), become the target of all climbers.

Real rock climbing became an independent sport first appeared in France in 1970,before that rock climbing is a subsidiary under the mountaineering activities, just in order to overcome difficulties in the process;

[Sport climbing] the term is also only appeared in this period, and gives a clear definition.Since then, rock climbing has its own new life out of mountain climbing and individual development, and a growing number of people, is not a climber, or have never been to climb over mountains, but they are found in rock climbing a lotof fun. There is a climbing wall.

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