Considerations for child's play

- Mar 17, 2017 -

1. Outdoor activities, you'll experience the dangers of child activities, so as to remind children of the danger. Children's fitness zone in the community or recreationalplay, parents must always be at the child's side, and in front of the children's playequipment, carefully check the safety equipment.

2, In the playground to read the game instructions carefully, to choose according to the child's age, height and other requirements. Do not let children play with those not suited to his height, physical attractions, recreation facilities are in accordance with the height rather than age limits are strictly according to the safety belts, safety Rod size. Child seat belt when necessary.

3. Swings for children all love to play, but children must be told in advance, both hands should always hold on to the rope swing, when it is not playing, to swing fullystopped down. In addition, to tell the children, when it passes next to the swing set, be sure to walk around, or will be hit by a swing on the swings.

4. Seesaw is that kids love to play, but this is a coordination game, so you not onlypay attention to their children, must pay attention to the other person's situation and tell them, if you don't want to play, to tell each other and adults that, otherwise,the other side is not ready, is likely to be ruthlessly Nathan. If leaving the child steps slowly, probably photographed by suddenly cutting board.

5. Playing on the slide without the slide entrance to climb up, slide down rapidly after leaving the slide exit.

6. Playing trampoline if more people would have been when the children step on the dangerous, serious still can cause sprains, fractures. Therefore, don't play too much. If children have especially tall, or play up particularly naughty, it is best to let children wait to play.

7. Bumper cars and children's playground projects often, but it's really intense, notparents and play it safe, in addition to children outside the fasten your seatbelt, don't be too violent collisions, especially in frontal impact. Don't just own a craving,also taking into account the capacity of children.

8. The carousel is the relative safety of the games, but also to prevent overly youngchildren falling, because of the relatively slow speed of the carousel and always easy to lightly.

9. Circular and other large aircraft, as well as children's roller coaster motion toys,for children, very exciting. So, before you let the child sit, be sure to tell him, do not stand up in the middle or unbuckle ... ... Normally, professional children's revolving facility, should have a locking security device.

No matter how much you do, it will still appear to you when you least expect it. So,no matter what time and occasions, so the children in their own sight, don't because of parental negligence, and cause irreparable pity.

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