Bouncy Castle maintenance approaches

- Mar 17, 2017 -

1. In order to ensure your equipment to reach the normal life span, power play can't go too much to play. A child on the inflatable up to 3 meters.

2. The facilities on the small shape for decoration and not let kids pull hard, hard to tear so as to avoid damage.

3. When you play and not let kids with a hard object on the device graffiti, so as to avoid damage.

4. In case of equipment breakage, damage and spare PVC materials are coated with glue for adhesive 5 minutes is not sticky, the adhesive, appropriate squeeze a few minutes can be used.

5. Air pressure is too soft on the device, check if there is excessive leakage, torn holes, or power outages; the pressure is too hard, wind turbine air inlet blocked. 6.such as large areas of damage of normal use, the manufacturer can provide professional repair services, or sent back to the factory for repair.

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