Bouncy Castle features

- Mar 17, 2017 -

Large bouncy castle fun Park is the next generation of entertainment facilities, depending on the child's characteristics, it contains slides and a variety of animal shapes, there is a wealth of entertainment, popular children's favorite. It has safety, comprehensive, entertaining, innovative, colorful, durable through scientific stereo mix, made of super strong waterproof fabric, this is a very comprehensive entertainment paradise. Players by turn, roll, climb, shake, shake, jump, drilling and other new-fangled way, to develop intelligence, physical exercise, physical and mental pleasure purposes. The product because of its randomness and no power was welcomed by the buyers, safe, reliable, simple to manage, and easy maintenance.

(1) Large, inflatable toys and small and medium sized inflatable toys material thickness of 0.45mm (500D). Slide and film 0.55mm on the slopes (1000D) fabric, bottomthickness of 0.45mm (500D). air cushion height is 60 cm, fence height is 80 cm, thewidth of the barrier is 27-30 cm. Slides and design are the rounded corners. Sewing in easy broken place using upper and lower reinforcement structure. Materials for national unity PVC jacket mesh, the tests showed the material by the quality supervision Bureau, nonpoisonous and tasteless green playground equipment entirelyspecified materials.

(2) This material is a professional inflatable fabric, good cold, up to massive headwind cryogenic; good flame retardant. PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloridematerials, is based on polyvinyl chloride resin as main raw material, add anti-aging agent, modifiers, mixing, calendering, vacuum forming process and material. Can be use to about 100,000 people.

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