Amusement equipment for the four basics

- Mar 17, 2017 -

First of all, play to see if the rides before children's play equipment of the safety inspection certificate. Countries have strict regulations on safety supervision on special equipment, recreational facilities must receive an annual periodic inspection, qualified in the apparent position of the safety inspection certificate. Hang the safetyinspection certificate of the rides, you can safely play.

Second, carefully read the notes on the tourist rides, to determine whether it is suitable to take. General riding amusement rides for children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult, large amusement rides, height 1. 4 m children should not ride,suffers from acrophobia, heart disease, high blood pressure, anemia, patients withcervical spondylosis should not be riding to avoid sudden illness.

Third, we must follow the arrangements for the staff. Tourists riding amusement rides must follow the arrangements for the staff, with safety devices such as seat belts, flip, violent collisions and other movements, glasses, keys and other personal effects should also be removed in advance, so as to avoid damage or injuries to the body.

Four is not strong in the amusement machine running bravado, who lift the protective devices, stand around and hold out your hands, feet, head, or guardrails, pleasure boat water amusement facilities, collisions, crossing, unsafe behaviors such asswimming is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid accidents.

In case when there is a power outage accident, don't panic. Amusement and recreational facilities in the design, manufacturing has been designing emergency equipment and insurance, playground also has the appropriate emergency response measures. If the machine fails, to calm ease according to the command staff, out ofdanger.

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